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Vehicle Tracking System

Our Vehicle Tracking System is closely integrated with GPS based satellite which provides all the necessary information of individual vehicle to GPS tracking server which data can be easily shown on web & mobile app. Vehicle location cab be viewed on Google Map which also provide traffic updated and POI location of your vehicle .Vehicle tracking systems are become very important for commercial fleet owners, logistics companies, bus operators and for companies who want to track their field staff.

Real Track has a long record of selling precision vehicle tracker devices to its clients. With decades of experience behind it, only we know what the customer is looking for and also what must be done to help him achieve what he aspires.

Not every vehicle tracking device does the same nor every customer is looking for the same features. One worried father might want to install a vehicle tracking system in the car to know where his teenage son is spending time or how is he driving. A commercial fleet manager, on the other hand, might be looking for smoother supply chain and logistics management to ensure customer satisfaction.

Car Tracking System

Car tracking system has always been the biggest use of GPS technology and understanding that RoadPoint India has traditionally made it their forte. Our aim always has been to provide excellence at a price which is affordable for Indian car owners. So many years later and with so many smiling clients, Real Track has now emerged as the leader in Indian car tracking system arena.

Cars need to be tracked for so many reasons and gladly we have so many options available at different price ranges for almost every purpose. The sophisticated and ultra-modern equipments are procured from highly reputable manufacturers and we make sure that the quality of these devices are better than or comparable to the devices being used in the USA and Europe. No need to spend huge amounts to import international standard car tracking devices for your expensive car. Our inexpensive systems can deliver the same performance.

We provide all different types of car tracking devices including passive and active tracker, data puller, data pusher and more. These devices will show you the exact location of the car on real maps and also record whatever data you want it to record and transmit.

Our car tracking software are designed differently for every device and they are programmed to run on any PC, laptop or latest smartphones. So, no matter where you are, we will never leave you in the dark.

Truck Tracking System

The right GPS tracking system makes tracking company vehicles simple and effective. GPS truck tracking is becoming more common as businesses and government agencies recognize the benefits of these systems. With improved coordination of assets, faster delivery times and better fleet management, truck tracking systems can dramatically improve efficiencies. Our Truck tracking systems have the right technology and equipment to make it easier than ever for fleet management professionals to effectively cut costs and improve service. With this crucial data, today's truck fleets can operate as efficiently as possible, exceeding customer expectations, cutting fuel use and improving safety on the road.


1) Companies often cite employee monitoring as a key reason for using a truck tracking system

2) If a vehicle pauses for longer than necessary along its route, or if it takes a different route entirely, a fleet manager is immediately aware and can act to curb that unacceptable behavior

3) GPS truck tracking helps a business plan more efficient routes and communicate with others — both drivers and customers

Personal Tracking System

Our GPS Tracking devices are also perfect for personal tracking. If you are searching for the safest protection for you dear ones to monitor whether they are safe then the ideal option is a personal tracker. At Tracking Mantra, they deliver trackers which are perfect for your lovable kids, elderly relatives as well as at-risk condition persons; they are approximately the size of the matchbox. In addition, they can be securely located in pocket or bag thus you can identify where you dear ones are at every time easily with the help of personal tracking system. The elements are also having an SOS button on it at the instance of the user become lost or confused they can immediately click the button and the element will alert maximum five- mobile phones offering the accurate positions of the user. Moreover, personal trackers can aid you to keep your monitor your beloved ones as well as it can produce the report as per your needs. This framework makes use of the open GPS progress and outfits you with relentless information about the wearer's situation. The GPS personal tracker device would provide you with the space besides other than the pace and heading of the wearer's travel. It can what's more be changed to caution you if the child goes past the cut-off purposes of where they should be, for example, leaving their school early. A few GPS tracking system also runs as a connected unit with furor gets by morals of an emergency.

Bike Tracking System

Our Products include GPS Bike Tracking System, Bike Alarms sms alert, Bike Location Locator the widest range of high quality security systems and GPS accessories for your bike.However if you do not have a reliable system to monitor and know where the your location locator via gps bike tracker device. The Bike Tracker is the perfect solution to monitor your motorcycles at all times. As GPS tracking technology becomes more highly and widespread supportable, more and many people are able to use various GPS tracking devices to track the positions of a lot of things – even all. GPS Bike device is a tracking solution for your bike that allows you to broadcast your best ride, as well as monitoring it’s location locators in times of theft. Once you have attached the device to your bike, devices becomes a GPS signal that can alert you in the case that your bike has been tampered with, as well as track your own bike’s or personal location on a map of anywhere. Almost, GPS Bike Tracker gives you the ability to track and share data about your ride like location summary and speed average and stoppage report and sms alert , as well as alert loved ones in case of a crash. Bike gps device is a covert GPS tracker for your bike that alerts you in times of theft, and begins tracking if your bike is stolen. Simply gps device when you track your bike, and if your bike begins moving without disarming the device, then bike gps will alert you via text message, and will begin tracking the location of the bike. The device will not sleep when the bike is not moving, our devices will giving you all time report stoppage report showing that how much time your bike standing on any place.

School Bus Tracking System

Child’s safety and security is the topmost priority for any parent. Real TRACK provides ‘Pick and Drop’ mobile app to ensure safety of your kids. Using this app, parents can receive information regarding pick & drop of their child. This solution not only tracks the bus but also children aboard. Its powerful alert mechanism provides you with the opportunity to take prompt action in case of any hitch. It also saves the parents and school from hassles of making/receiving various calls regarding enquiry of bus timings. So, install the app on your mobile and you would be just be a few clicks away from your child.


1) Improved conveyance management by tracking halt, speed and idle state of buses

2) Real time regular monitoring of the buses to prevent delays in arrival time

3) Enhanced safety by monitoring speed and creating geo-fences

4) It has been observed that driver’s in GPS fitted vehicle drive safely